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Did You Know There are Ordinary, Average People Quietly Praying Everyday and Seeing God Answer In The Most Amazing Ways? Well, What if You Knew What They Know About Prayer? What if YOU Knew, for Example …

How to Pray for: Healing a 13 year disease (page 164)…Win a $2.5 million dollar lawsuit (page 86)…See your dying business resurrected (page 151)…A father and Son Relationship restored (page 36)…to name just a few.


And most Importantly: How to STOP the Number ONE  Prayer Killer of Them All (found on page 172.)


Read My Short Book And You Will Learn Exactly How to Pray Like Most People Don’t…Effectively. And If By Rare Chance For Any Reason You Want To Return The Book…I Will Refund Your Purchase…No Questions Asked. ~Alex E. Anderson


Regular $16.95 per copy.